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TOPIC: Jobe VR Headset for smartphones iOS, Android & Win-Mobile

Jobe VR Headset for smartphones iOS, Android & Win-Mobile 6 years 11 months ago #1

Jobe is a Smartphone Virtual Reality Headset.

This headset has been inspired from the character Jobe in the virtual reality film The Lawnmower Man (1992) starring Pierce Brosnan. It was a cult film that had many followers who dreamed of virtual reality devices being available to everyone. Now with the power of a smartphone this is possible. Thanks to Oculus Rift and Sony Morpheus the world is rapidly being introduced to the world of virtual reality.
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The primary motivation for consumers and business to purchase a Jobe VR Headset is to experience immersive virtual reality through their smartphone.

Also the Jobe VR Headset will be more comfortable, affordable, lighter, higher quality, simpler to use and fit mulitple size smartphones that’s currently available.

The VR value proposition is to:

- Consumers – engaging in immersive gaming and entertainment
- Business – new markets to capitalize on in entertainment, communication and advertising
- Developers – new exciting applications to create
- Industries – new ways to simulate, design, train and educate

Hardware and software manufactures – it offers new innovative ways to operate and demonstrate their existing systems.

Discover +4,800 videos in 3D divided by categories HERE
Finally a cool looking headset for a smartphone to allow users to experience virtual reality like they've never seen before.
JOBE is a smartphone headset designed to fit most smartphones that will allow users to experience virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D, movies, gaming and much more. The lenses will allow for enhancement cinematic viewing like you're just sitting at iMax cinema or provide 3D stereoscopic viewing for applications developed in side by side format. By simply inserting a smartphone and wearing the headset your jolted into another dimension, a virtual reality world which feels completely immersive as it takes advantage of the technical advancements of the smartphone.
Discover +4,800 videos in 3D divided by categories HERE

Jobe VR will fit virtually all smartphones currently on the market. With a sleek modern design and affordable cost of $89 USD the Jobe VR is designed for comfort with it’s silicon cushioning and head-strap to provide a fully immersive experience into the virtual world.
Pre-Order and contacts:

release: mid-Jannuary 2015
mail: info[at]
Regards :)
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