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TOPIC: Haptix: 3D multitouch surface by Kickstarter

Haptix: 3D multitouch surface by Kickstarter 8 years 3 months ago #1

Transform any flat surface into a 3D multitouch surface to control your computer, TV, or any other screen.

Create two layers of interaction with 3D multitouch.

3D multitouch adds a layer of 3D sensing on top of a layer of multitouch. These two forms of interaction complement each other perfectly and each makes up for what the other lacks. Your fingers' positions are captured even before they touch the surface, so you know what you're controlling when you tap or pinch on the surface.
3D multitouch takes a completely different approach to 3D sensing that solves fundamental problems with 3D sensing today. Other solutions require you to hold your hands in the air, which can be awkward and makes precise control almost impossible. With Haptix, you get 3D sensing that:

  - Gives you tactile feedback (the satisfying feel of touch)
  - Allows you to rest your hands on a surface
  - Lets you define the space of operation
  - Allows you to control things on a surface with precision
  - Has practical applications in improving productivity

3D multitouch moves multitouch away from screens. Portable multitouch is one of the best things to happen to multitouch. If you have a tablet, you're looking down while using it and your neck might hurt over time. Or if you have an ultrabook, you're constantly reaching out and your arm hurts over time. And even in both these cases, your hands cover part of the screen (plus smudges). With 3D multitouch, these problems just go away.

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