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TOPIC: Projector 3D Glasses Free - MIT research

Projector 3D Glasses Free - MIT research 7 years 7 months ago #1

After about 10 years from Siggraph 2004, is it time to release the 1st projector 3D glasses free (naked eyes) ? I have read the interesting article 4 years ago.
Watch the video below and 2004 - 3D TV: A Scalable System for Real-Time Acquisition, Transmission, and Autostereoscopic Display of Dynamic Scenes.
Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office
May 16, 2014
Press Inquiries
Over the past three years, researchers in the Camera Culture group at the MIT Media Lab have steadily refined a design for a glasses-free, multiperspective, 3-D video screen, which they hope could provide a cheaper, more practical alternative to holographic video in the short term. source[...]

3D TV system. Left (top to bottom): Array of 16 cameras and projectors. Middle: Rear-projection 3D display with double-lenticular screen. Right: Front-projection 3D display with single-lenticular screen.


Three-dimensional TV is expected to be the next revolution in the history of television. We propose a 3D TV system that allows for real-time acquisition, transmission, and 3D display of dynamic scenes. To manage the high demands on computation and bandwidth we use a distributed, scalable architecture. Our system consists of an array of cameras, clusters of network-connected PCs, and a multi-projector 3D display with a lenticular screen. The display provides stereoscopic color images for multiple viewpoints without glasses. Instead of designing perfect display optics, we use cameras for the automatic adjustment of the 3D display. In this paper, we provide a detailed overview of our 3D TV system, including an examination of design choices and tradeoffs. We also introduce the notion of a computational display that uses cameras and processing to provide optical alignment for the display. We present early results and experiences with our prototype. Our system provides real-time end-to-end 3D TV for the very first time in the long history of 3D displays.

Wojciech Matusik, Hanspeter Pfister. 3D TV: A Scalable System for Real-Time Acquisition, Transmission, and Autostereoscopic Display of Dynamic Scenes. ACM Transactions on Graphics. 24(3) 2004.

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