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TOPIC: #CES2017 with Hubblo, A portable #VR camera with live, 360-degree, 3-D capture

#CES2017 with Hubblo, A portable #VR camera with live, 360-degree, 3-D capture 10 months 2 weeks ago #1

Cameras are suddenly gaining a lot more attention. There are now many more things to do towards improving what you can capture, than just pumping up the mega-pixels. With the advent of technology, we now have VR, 360-degree and immersive videos to look forward to. And capitalizing upon the same, Hubblo has come up with a brand new camera that will give users a personal window into creating immersive content.

The camera was announced at the CES and judging by the first impressions it left, it is poised to bring major paradigm shift. The camera allows you to capture and share live, 360-degree, 3D-immersive videos. Considering that the camera combines 3-D with 360-degree and live video, creators can basically share their own reality with the people at the other end of the broadcast.

Speaking on the topic, Hubblo founder and CEO Eric Tsang said,

Hubblo makes it simple for anyone to virtually share an experience and communicate at the same time. Artists, performers, event hosts, and anyone who wants to expand their audience beyond a physical location can simply do it with the push of a button.

The Hubblo VR camera packs an innovative triangular design that is capable of delivering 360-degrees of panoramic vision. The camera is able to do so thanks to the three pairs of 200-degree fish-eye cameras that are strategically placed to capture as much detail as possible. Depth perception is also specially accounted for, thanks to stereoscopic output. What’s more, the camera is almost as good at sharing the content you have captured with the world, as it is in recording it.

Hubblo uses its own, patent-pending image signal processes that are tailored to its unique hardware. All six cameras work together to provide rich input streams that are melded together to provide an output stream superbly rich in details. The finished video is ready to be either broadcasting or to be stored for later viewing or further editing. The camera was unveiled at the CES 2017 taking place in LA.

All you require to view content created through the Hubblo camera, is a VR headset along with the Hubblo application that facilitates the viewing process. The company is laying special emphasis on the portability of the camera. Not only is the height of the camera shorter than an iPhone 6 but it can also be setup in minutes. There is no excess baggage in form of any extra software involved and high speed Internet basically exhaust the list of items you need to start live streaming in minutes.

Founder Eric Tsang, who is backed by years working at companies like Broadcom and OPTi, believes that his product is at least one year ahead of the market.

We wanted to deliver an all-in-one package: 4K live streaming and great stitching; 360-degrees and full 3D vision; affordability and great design. None of the winners of the this year’s CES Innovation Awards in virtual reality categories, for example, have all of these features in a single package.

As far as availability is concerned, Hubblo is currently producing manufacturing samples. The company expects to be able to mass produce and ship the VR camera from the first quarter of the year itself. For now, the cameras will be sold through the Indiegogo crowd-funding platform, with early backers liable to make purchases at a specially discounted price of $999.

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