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TOPIC: @pinholeprinted FLYER 6×6 STEREO by Clint O’Connor #StereoCamera

@pinholeprinted FLYER 6×6 STEREO by Clint O’Connor #StereoCamera 9 months 4 weeks ago #1

Camera creator Clint O’Connor has introduced a new film camera to his collection that captures two photos at once so when viewed through a stereo viewer, they merge to create one 3D image. Flyer 6×6 Stereo is a stereoscopic version of the tried and true Flyer 6×6. Printed in black plastic, like Flyer, the stereo version also is strong, robust, and light – perfect for professional, amateur, or educational use. This complete camera comes with a starter roll of film to get you going.

Flyer 6×6 Stereo Features:

  • 3D printed – body, top, knob, winder, shutter
  • 120 format film, 6 paired exposures/roll
  • Image size – double 6×6 square format (56mm x 56mm)
  • Field of view – 70 degrees
  • Focal length – 40mm
  • Pinhole diameter – 0.25mm (two)
  • f/Stop – 160
  • Tripod nut on bottom (1/4-20)
  • Size – 185mm x 54mm x 82mm (WxDxH)

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    Has fun designing, printing, tinkering with 3D printed film cameras (Easy 35, Flyer 6x6 (Kickstarter), Clipper 6x18 and accessories (35mm film in 120 cameras).
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